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A Happiness Manifesto

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Happiness is such a broad term and means many different things to different people. Even psychologists, social scientists and economists argue about what happiness actually is. Despite all this chit chat behind the scenes, there is more and more research around the topic. A lot of this has arisen from the positive psychology field, which has become more prominent over the last decade. The research has highlighted what it is that actually boosts positive emotions in you, and how you can take a more proactive approach to create happiness in your day-to-day life.

The infograph below highlights nine happiness boosts which research has shown are very effective in creating different types of positive emotions. They range from simple things, such as smiling and savouring, to more complex ones, like investing in growth and committing to goals. Overall, these nine things remind you to enjoy the simple daily joys, whilst still being challenged, and encourage you to take care of your body, whilst finding the time to connect with others.

With that I leave you to explore the happiness manifesto, and start practicing your favourite things from the list. Remember, happiness is a choice and you can go get it. So this is your opportunity to start on the right foot.

bildungA Happiness Manifesto